Who pays for Sh@reCar?

Most Sh@reCar® expenses are met by participating residential buildings owners or commercial lessees. These include on road costs, registration and insurance costs, maintenance and cleaning costs and road assistance costs. Each building may vary. Please check with the building manager or a Sh@recar® representative to confirm status.

The only costs to members are for fuel usage and any road tolls and traffic infringements incurred. Members are also responsible for any insurance excess costs in the event of accidents.

How do I book Sh@reCar and what is the booking time limit?

All bookings are made online using the ‘Book a Sh@reCar®’ facilities in this website.

What happens in the event of breakdowns?

Roadside assist is available to members as part of the program. Contact details to access the service are located in the glove box of each vehicle.

Who is responsible for supplying petrol and cleaning the car?

Each member is responsible for filling the petrol tank prior to returning the vehicle.

Members are required to remove all rubbish when vacating the vehicle.

Sh@reCar® will attend to all general internal and external cleaning.

Where do I collect the car?

Cars may be collected from the designated area in or near your building.

What happens if the previous user has not returned the car
on time?

Users are requested to report any late vehicle returns.