What It Is

Sh@reCar® is the brilliant solution to the high cost of car ownership and maintenance, limited car parking availability and rising greenhouse emissions. Applying a fresh approach to inner-city and suburban living, the Sh@reCar system provides access to dedicated on-site cars as part of a shared arrangement.

Sh@reCar® – the solution

Sh@reCar® is today’s solution to the high costs of car ownership and maintenance and ever-increasing demands for on-site car parking in residential and commercial buildings.

Sh@reCar® is contracted by building owners and is for the exclusive use of residents and occupants in participating buildings. It offers the convenience of a dedicated car at occupants’ fingertips for just the cost of fuel use and road tolls incurred.

It provides a practical solution to the parking space squeeze caused by increasingly stricter building envelope regulations combined with the ever growing trend of multi-car ownership per apartment lot. Independent research has shown that each Sh@reCar® reduces the need for 6-7 car parking spaces.

With the convenience of extremely economical on-site access to shared vehicles, Sh@reCar® lowers the need for multi-car ownership so that parking space requirements are reduced for the mutual benefit of developers, building owners and occupants.

Sh@reCar® – the benefits


Think Smart

It makes sense to conserve your capital and ongoing expenditure on cars that on average are used for less than 1½ hours a day. Communal use maximises return on the necessary fixed costs of car ownership and maintenance.


Think Green

Sh@reCar® is environmentally friendly. All Sh@reCar® vehicles are purchased brand new and chosen on their environmental ratings at the time of manufacture. Electric, hybrid and other fuel efficient cars can be purchased on request.

Communal car use encourages car pooling and collaboration to reduce car trips. Research has shown that each Sh@reCar® removes six to seven cars from the road.

Sh@reCar® reduces the number of car spaces required in building developments which in turn reduces building materials used during construction and helps to reduce green house emissions.


Think Savings

There are great cost savings for developers, owner corporations, owner-occupiers and tenants alike. There are no new car capital purchase costs. Members only pay for fuel used, road tolls incurred and insurance excesses in the case of accidents. It is a very economical method of having a dedicated car on-site without the associated high costs of car ownership.

It’s like car hire without the associated high costs of hire cars.


Think Convenience

Sh@reCar® members have the flexibility to book by the hour or day*.

Fully maintained fuel efficient cars are conveniently accessed from designated car parks in the building.

All Sh@recar® vehicles are equipped with state-of-the-art GPS tracking systems that monitor driving usage and provide valuable information for maintenance inspections and fleet management.

Just get behind the wheel and drive away!

*Subject to terms & conditions.