The Benefits

How Sh@reCar® benefits apartment building developers, owners and owner corporations

  • Sh@reCar® reduces the need for multiple parking spaces per apartment lot by providing an economical and convenient alternative to multi-car ownership.
  • Independent research indicates that just one Sh@reCar® reduces the requirement of 6 to 7 parking spaces thus enabling the building envelope to be effectively reduced.
  • Reductions in parking space numbers yield vast savings in building construction costs.
  • Sh@reCar® is a unique and compelling proposition to potential apartment buyers.
  • Sh@reCar® helps reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

How Sh@reCar® benefits owner occupiers

  • Sh@reCar® reduces the need and huge expense of owning and maintaining more than one car. With Sh@reCar® there are no capital purchase or depreciation costs, and there are no insurance, registration, repairs, maintenance, cleaning or roadside assist expenses. It’s like car hire – but without hire car costs!
  • Sh@reCar® cars are updated every five years and are routinely maintained, meaning residents have access to reliable and comfortable cars.
  • Sh@reCar® reduces the need for residents to find costly and inconvenient off-site parking when on-site parking is unavailable.
  • Sh@reCar® is ultra convenient. Residents can book cars as needed and access the vehicles directly from the building’s carpark.
  • Sh@reCar® reduces traffic in parking areas and building surrounds for a more agreeable and safer living environment.