How It Works

If you are a Developer, Business or Owners Corporation

We work with you to provide a service that meets your needs and that of your residents. We provide advice on the best system to provide maximum return for you and your residents.

Sh@reCar® is engaged by a developer, business or Owners Corporation via a commercial arrangement to provide the communal car solution suitable to the needs of the development.

Once engaged, the system will be entirely implemented and managed by Sh@reCar® and the annual fees will include the provision of:

  • Brand new vehicle
  • Insurance
  • Car Servicing and maintenance
  • Car security
  • Online booking system
  • Driver or Administrator material
  • Annual monitoring and performance reporting
  • Roadside assist
  • GPS Tracking

Dependent on the development or business, there are options to off-set the cost of the system with revenue streams such as Driver Affiliation programs and usage fees. Sh@reCar® would be happy to advise on the best system for your needs, To request an obligation free consultation speak to one of our friendly consultants on 03 9008 5440 or email

Please note, that Sh@reCar® can provide you with a quote for the provision of electric and hybrid vehicles, should you wish to recognise more environmental benefits such as lower CO2 emissions.

If you are a tenant and want to become a Driver Affiliate

Join the revolution and apply to become a Driver Affiliate online with a once-off administration fee. You will need to know your “site address” and provide a copy of your Australian Driver’s Licence.

Sh@reCar® will conduct a few verification checks and aim to have you on the road in no time.

Once you have been approved as a Driver Affiliate, you can log into your profile and book the car available to you.

Please note, ongoing affiliation and usage fees are determined by the commercial arrangement in place at the time.